Beth's Wall Pockets

I have collected wall pockets (sometimes called "wall vases") for 35 years. I have combined my extensive collection with my Mother's collection to give me more than 1,000 pockets. My collection includes wall pockets in china, pottery, wood, glass, metal, and even plastic (actually the older plastic vases in a variety of colors are rather hard to find). They range in size from a few inches to more than a foot. I enjoy many styles and kinds but my favorites are the beautiful luster glazes such as those by Noritake. If you have a JavaScript capable browser you can click to see my first wall pocket.

This site will feature some of my wall pocket collection. I will change the pictures from time to time. My sister Beverly designs web pages and will maintain the site for me.

For many years I hung only a small number of wall pockets and kept most of the others packed away. A few years ago I decided that this was no way to enjoy my collection so I hung more than five hundred in my kitchen and breakfast area and added others around the house. There are those who would say this is too much of a good thing. My family just shake their heads or roll their eyes when I am describing my collection, but I love it! With so many visible there is less danger of buying one I already have. I can finally enjoy seeing them daily. I wish I could share them all with you! Take a look at a small part of my kitchen/wall pocket gallery.

Wall pockets are my largest but not my only collection. I have, as my sister says, a Collection of Collections. Some of my other collections are:

  • Apple collectibles
  • Teddy Bears (and small chairs for the Teddies to sit in)
  • Nursing collectibles
  • Aquarium furniture
  • Chintz china in the "Sunshine" pattern
  • Refrigerator magnets

Follow this link to visit my other collections.

I would be happy to receive e-mail from other wall pocket collectors who have information, publication, or URL addresses of wall pocket pages on the web.
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If you want to see some additional great collections visit my sister and brother-in-law's pages: Jack and Beverly's Collection of Collections

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**NOTE** While none of the wall pockets displayed on these pages are for sale, I have some duplicates from my collection listed in my online booth Do you remember this? at the GoAntiques cyber mall. Follow this link to see an overview of my inventory on GoAntiques or to purchase items. Thanks for looking.

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